Administrative Management

The administrative and financial management of the ARISE project for the entire consortium will be undertaken by the specialised USER-M Project Management Office based at the Research and EU Liaison Office, Leibniz Universitńt Hannover (Partner 9). USER-M is a central non-profit project management service for the administrative and financial management of EU projects offered by the EU Liaison Office Hanover/Hildesheim to the researchers at the regional universities. USER-M is specifically tailored to the needs of EU FP projects and has to date been involved in the administrative management of 13 projects spanning FP5, FP6 and FP7 (3 projects currently running).

In particular the management office will be responsible for:

  • Monitoring project progress and quality control and responding to important changes during the lifetime of the project;
  • controlling manpower resources and running costs;
  • timely submission of reports, deliverables, cost statements, financial certificates etc. to the EC;
  • financial and legal administration (e.g. transfer of the payments from the EC to the partners);
  • ensuring a constant and coherent communication flow among the consortium;
  • general day-to-day management and conflict mediation and resolution;
  • external affairs and representation of the project, incl. liaison with the European Commission.