Partner 4: Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS)

Clinical Centre, WPL for WP6

The Consorci Institut D'Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) is a public research centre dedicated to translational research in the field of biomedicine. Its mission is to integrate state of the art basic research and quality clinical research. Founded in 1996, IDIBAPS is formed by the Catalan Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, the University of Barcelona's Faculty of Medicine, the Hospital Cl.nic de Barcelona and the Institut d'Investigacions Biom.diques de Barcelona of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research. As such, the Hospital Cl.nic de Barcelona can be considered a third party of IDIBAPS. The institution is very active in scientific research. The number of publications has shown a constant growth. In 2012 there were 1,026 original publications in high impact factor scientific magazines, many of which were collaborative studies in which different institutional teams joined their investigative efforts.

IDIBAPS has a strong track record working in European projects and has a dedicated European Projects Office. This office managed 29 projects in FP5 (one as coordinators), 42 projects in FP6 (eleven as coordinators) and 101 projects in FP7 (twenty-nine as coordinators).

IDIBAPS-Hospital Clinic’s fundamental objective is to integrate quality clinical research and high level basic research. The research group on Heart Valve Disease in strong collaboration with the Tissue Bank of Catalonia, which has recently integrated the former Transplant Service Foundation and the Tissue Bank, envisages a multidisciplinary approach, which includes several disciplines (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, infectious disease physicians, tissue bank managers, bioengineers and biologists) covering the entire spectrum of heart valve pathology, from basic studies to translational clinical research and therapy. The research group is set in a care centre with high activity, creating ideal conditions for efficient and successful research, supporting the continuous generation of hypotheses and testing them in a (real-time) clinical environment with a rich electronic database.

Main tasks

As one of the clinical centres, the IDIBAPS will contribute predominantly to WPs 3, 4 and 5 and will lead the WP 6 on Dissemination and Outreach. The main tasks of the participant are:

  • Homograft supply: Existing longstanding collaboration with a local tissue bank.
  • Setting up the local and national frameworks for the clinical trial, e.g. contact with local ethics committees and other involved institutions, submission of the respective forms and applications
  • Implementation of the clinical trial, e.g. patient identification and information, operation and follow-up
  • Support in the establishment of an ARISE registry
  • Coordinating dissemination and outreach activities of the project, co-organistion of the training workshop for surgeons, monitoring and updating of the roadmap for dissemination and use of the project results

Contributors to ARISE

Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Pomar, Senior consultant, Cardiac Surgery
Prof. Dr. Carlos Mestres, Senior consultant, Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Daniel Pereda, Specialist, Cardiac Surgery
Prof Dr. Marta Sitges, Consultant, Cardiology
Dr. Eduard Quintana, Specialist, Cardiac Surgery
Prof. Dr. Manel Castellà, Consultant, Cardiac Surgery